How to Live More Than Five Minutes on a College Campus

1. Get Involved on Campus

Want some advice? Be involved! Your campus is filled with opportunities to get involved in clubs, sports teams, and all kinds of activities. You might be able to join the glee club or try out for the track team. I used a student blogging platform to get involved in campus life, and I’m glad I did. The way you get involved is up to you!

2. Go See a Movie with Your Friends at the Campus Theatre

Does your college or university have a theatre? If so, go see a movie there! It’s always fun to go out with your friends and watch something funny. Whether it’s an action movie or a comedy, your friends will love spending time with you at the movies! I like going to movies at my campus theatre because they usually show new movies and sometimes even 3D movies (my favorite!). It might be fun for you to check out all of the local theatres in your area too. There are some really great theatres in my town that often show popular new releases before they come out on DVD or Blu-ray too so if you want to catch up on what’s coming soon after it hits theaters, just check online for ticket prices and schedules for local theatres near you! That way, when the movie comes out on DVD/Blu-ray later down the road, maybe you can buy some popcorn and watch it back home while sitting on the couch together as friends again. That sounds like more than five minutes worth of activity right there! =) You could also use this post about how much popcorn costs at different places around town if that interests anyone else too.

3. Go for a Walk or Run Around the Campus

What better way to enjoy campus life than to get outside and go for a walk around campus? You could also take your dog with you if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless he/she is well trained. Walking is so good for you! It’s great exercise and will help keep your heart healthy too. If you don’t have time for a walk, maybe jog instead! It’s always important to stay active so that depression doesn’t creep up on you at any point in the future either. I’ve been able to avoid depression by staying active through sports teams and clubs that I’m involved with on campus. You can do the same too!

4. Go Out to Lunch with Your Friends at the Dining Commons

I love eating lunch at our dining commons. It’s so much fun to go out with friends and be able to talk so freely without being interrupted by anyone else around us. I’m glad that my friends are willing to go out with me even though it takes a while for us so finish eating since we have long lunches together. We usually have something small like soup or a sandwich while relaxing in the sun on campus, and then we talk about what we want to do later that day or what classes we’ve got coming up next week or how our homework is going or if any of us need help on anything, etc. It’s nice to be able to go out for lunch with friends like that. Sometimes we don’t even take a break at all and just keep on talking while we eat! It always makes me happy when we get to spend time together during our lunches, and it’s so much fun too.

5. Go See a Concert

If you like music, why not try going to hear your favorite artists live in concert? There are often concerts available on campus too if your college or university has its own theatre, so check online for information about upcoming shows then plan ahead and see if any of them interest you enough that you want to attend one of the concerts later down the road! You’ll have such a great time watching bands perform live. Concerts can be expensive though depending on what tickets they sell at the door, so make sure you save up some money before spending it all on tickets and snacks and stuff like that (just kidding!). I’m glad I’ve been able to see 3 concerts already this year because my friends wanted me there with them, but I wouldn’t have gone unless they had asked me first.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thank you so much for reading it. I had a lot of fun writing about campus life today, and I hope that more people will be interested in going out more often on campus rather than just staying cooped up in their dorm rooms or apartments all day long. College is a great time to meet new friends and have fun with them too. College isn’t just about going to class and being forced to study all the time either! What do you think? Is there anything else that comes to mind for anyone? Please feel free to leave comments below if you’d like! Thanks again everyone, and I’ll see ya next time!

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