Web Hosting for Melbourne Nonprofits in 2021

If you want to run a nonprofit organization or you already have one, you definitely need a hosting service for your website. However, you must be wondering if you can get free nonprofit web hosting from somewhere or if you are paying for it, is it worth it? Here is detailed information to all your questions. 

Let us jump into the suitability of hosting for Melbourne Nonprofit and observe several important issues.

Paid vs. Free Web Hosting for Melbourne Nonprofits—What is the Preeminent Choice?

It is probably the most evident question on maximum people’s minds, especially when it comes to Melbourne nonprofits. Most people who work for Melbourne nonprofits or even have the charge to maintain the site, it can be wonderful if they can get free web hosting services in Melbourne in one way or another.

If your answer to such a question is yes, you can get it from some web-hosting providers, but it will have some catch. Unfortunately, there are hardly any web hosting companies dedicated to providing free hosting services to Melbourne nonprofits.

However, even if they do, there are certain problems associated with it:

  • They only provide their lowest package for free, which does not even support WordPress hosting package. Even if you do run WordPress on it, it will not be created for WordPress, just as the actual WordPress hosting.
  • Moreover, they lack customer service and support. Hence if you face a problem, they would not even respond to you.
  • They won’t provide you with a management panel. They will not even provide an option for cPanel, which several popular web hosting providers give.

Hence, unfortunately, it is quite clear that you will get what you will pay for if you want to get web hosting in Melbourne. Therefore, searching for free web hosting services in Melbourne is not actually worth it.

But why is that? It is primarily due to the fact that since web hosting commoditizes with time, it is very difficult to search for free web hosting in Melbourne since the cost is also very low. You can easily get a cheap Navicosoft plan for $36.50 per year. You can even get the best WordPress hosting at very reasonable rates. Even if they are small, most Melbourne nonprofit organizations can afford web hosting services in Melbourne at this price. Hence the reliability and support you will get for paying will be worth the small expense. Therefore, it is a strong recommendation that despite searching for free web hosting for Melbourne Nonprofits, you can get cheap web hosting that will be worth a purchase. Find a host that has a high rating, good support, and is within your budget.

Additional Questions for Nonprofit Web Hosting Services in Melbourne

To make you learn a bit more about web hosting for Melbourne Nonprofits and what kind of hosting will be best, here are some of the vital questions you need to consider while looking for various hosting companies.

Are you hosting on a WordPress site?

If your answer is yes, you surely need to consider a web hosting company with proficiency with WordPress. There are many companies offering cheap web hosting, but they might have the worst support. Hence it is difficult to do anything if you do not have any access to your website. However, if you spend money on quality hosting, it will benefit you in the long term. Any web hosting in Melbourne can give you good results. You can opt for Navicosoft because we provide the best services with exceptionally good customer support. We ensure you proper availability so that your websites always stay up with the maximum uptime of 99.9%. Moreover, we provide you with desirable web traffic so that you can handle it using unlimited bandwidth.

Does your site get a lot of visitors?

If you already have a site hosted somewhere, it is important to see how many visitors you will get every month. If your site has a huge number of visitors, it will be worth considering a “shared” environment so that you can easily handle all the visitors. The more effective infrastructure you have hosting, the better it will be for you to manage their resources. Since Melbourne Nonprofits do not get many visitors to their websites as other businesses do. Hence businesses mostly opt for small business hosting, which is more robust than the typical requirement.

Do you need email hosting for your nonprofit?

Some web hosting companies offer email hosting, whereas others do not. Many companies, such as Rackspace, provides you cheap email hosting. If a hosting company does not offer you email hosting, it is not a big deal.

Can you host a Nonprofit site on the cloud?

It is a very worthy choice for hosting nonprofit sites on the cloud, which is Microsoft Azure. It does not only involve hosting but several other Azure services too. The significant problem is that the support for Azure is different for shared or managed to host companies. It means that if you are not tech-savvy, managing the cloud can be difficult. Some people will be able to handle it, while other Melbourne Nonprofits operate with a small staff.

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