Are cardboard corrugated boxes environment friendly? 8 interesting facts

There is no questioning of the fact that out of all the other packaging solutions that are available for product packaging, cardboard corrugated boxes are highly preferred. Their popularity pertains mostly to the fact that they are not just the most dependable safe house for the packed product, but they are also extremely friendly to the environment. Here are eight of the most interest grabbing facts about them that would help you understand why they are the most desirable choice for both businesses and home users. 

Ensure product safety.

 If you look at facts and figures, you would see that many of the world’s most renowned brands use cardboard corrugated boxes for their product packaging. After all, this mode of packing products must be having ample benefits attached to it that a cereal giant like Kellogg’s has been using them 1900. They can be manufactured in any style, and they can be printed in any way that you may require. As a matter of fact, a study establishes the fact that 30% of businesses across the globe use printed cardboard boxes to increase customer interest. 

  1. Biodegradable utility.

Mother earth has given us so many blessings for our benefit. Have you ever wondered how we have paid back? Well, if the thought does cross your mind, the best possible answer could be custom corrugated boxes. These boxes can even be simply soiled to be disposed of without leaving a single trace behind. Not only that, but if they are not oiled or greased, they can be hundred percent recycled to be remade into something new. 

  1. Nontoxic.

Cardboard boxes contain the least amount of toxins in them. Probably we can say that the only amount of chemical that comes along with them is in the inks that they are printed with. If one uses organic inks for their printing, they will end up with a completely chemical free product in their hands. This property gives them the immense strength that they are known for. 

  1. Best for all product types.

Custom packaging made from cardboard is the strongest of all since cardboard is an unbleached material. The process of bleaching takes away a considerable amount of strength and sustainability from a manufacturing material. The strength that is retained due to the lack of bleaching makes these boxes the best and the most suitable mode of packing almost all types of products. 

  1. Energy efficient packaging

The main reason why many packaging products come with a high price is the fact that their manufacturing materials take time and cost to gather. Due to sustainable production with

a majority of recycled materials, the energy consumption during corrugated cardboard

packaging manufacturing

processes is significantly reduced. The transportation costs involved in gathering the

manufacturing supplies are still lower since the supplies are usually gathered from

locally recycled substances. There is also no extra expense involved in importing

manufacturing supplies from long distances. 

  1. Quick decomposition:

The fact that a material is biodegradable does not mean that it can decompose into the earth the minute it is wasted. The same is the case with corrugated boxes that are made from cardboard. In favorable conditions, if a cardboard box is mulched and properly shredded, and soaked to decompose. The biodegradation process occurs just within three months. Microorganisms and other decomposing factors break down the fibers of the cardboard material and start to produce soil out of them. This is the fastest decomposition process out of all the other decomposable materials.

  1. Excellent planters:

Corrugated boxes of cardboard do wonders for your plantation. You can plant all types of plants in them. Even if they are not capable of housing the plants throughout life, they can definitely offer an incredible environment for the plant to sprout and bloom. Although when a plant has grown enough, due to regular watering, the box becomes soft, and the roots become strong enough that they tear through the box. Until then, these boxes are the most hospitable carriers for plants. Also, with some chemical treatments and coats, they can carry indoor plants to almost all their life. 

  1. Environment friendly publicity:

Now, this element helps the environment in an indirect way. Custom printed boxes are extremely environment friendly, and they can turn out to be an excellent source of spreading brand awareness to a large number of audience. Hence cutting down on the chances of any other unhealthy way of propagation that a brand may use for the sake of their publicity. If printed with precision and purposefulness, these boxes can flaunt their prints to an even greater amount of audience than any other dedicatedly designed publicity campaign. 

The points that we have discusses so far are strong enough to establish the fact that Cardboard corrugated boxes are not only the most environmentally friendly packaging solution but also the most sustainable and reliable ones. They do not only offer something good to the environment. But they also offer a lot of benefits to consumers both on professional and personal levels. They are readily available, which further adds up to their wide felt necessity. They are also extremely customizable, which makes them adaptive to all types of products. They are even capable of carrying liquid products to some extent, and if equipped with secondary packaging, they can effectively aid in the sales and transportation of liquid products as well.

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