Shop For The Best Men’s Shoes

Handbags and clothes are a must-have for women. It’s shoes for men. We love shoes! We love shoes! We know that we guys can shop for the best men’s shoes no matter what price. Shoes make you look sexy and stylish with any outfit.
Before I shop for men’s shoes, I also make sure that I know the latest trends. It is not a secret that color and pattern will dominate men’s fashion in the coming season. Fashion stores and designers all agree. Below are the main trends in men’s shoes for this year. These styles are perfect for modern men who don’t mind getting their feet dirty and letting their shoes speak for themselves.

1. Pop Color Shoes

This is my favorite of the three main color footwear trends. Pop color shoes, which are bright and bold and striking, can be incorporated into most outfits. Depending on the chosen color, they will also complement most men’s existing wardrobes.

2. Two-Tone Shoes – Two-tone shoes or the corespondent shoe, as they are sometimes known, are making an appearance this season. Two-tone footwear was featured in GQ’s shoe supplement. They are especially popular in brogue silhouettes where the leather panels have been made in contrasting colors to make a great visual impact. Two-tone color in brogue styles is a great way to create a feeling of classicism. It also conjures up images from the American gangster eras, when spats-style shoes were quite popular back then. It is important to be mindful of the surrounding items if you choose this type of footwear. If your shoes are bold, you will have greater success and less chance of color clash headaches. Keep the socks and the accompanying outfit simple.

3. Patterned shoes – While pattern in clothing is making a huge impact, it’s also becoming more common to use pattern in footwear.

The most popular prints so far have been animal prints and camouflage. It is interesting how both of these choices have a direct link to the safari trend that is extending its influence in men’s shoes.

Personally, I think the pop colour trend is an easier one for the everyday man to pull off and integrate into their current wardrobe, whilst I also really like the sense of stylish classicism which accompanies the two-tone, co-respondent shoe. These two trends in men’s footwear are a big part of menswear. You can make it more discreet by incorporating a little pattern or color into your footwear, rather than the main body part of your outfit. This will allow more reserved men to embrace the trend.

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