What Is It Like To Live In Mumbai?

A city of dreams or a city of hope; you name it. Mumbai has always been a city that people look up to. Don’t have a job? Travel to Mumbai. You can always find one. Best housing facilities? Trains? Locals? Buses? Anything and everything. It is not just some random thought that it was made to be a financial capital. There is a pretty good reason behind why it is named like that. It was named because the city produces more money than any city combined. It isn’t just Mumbai that makes up its name. Its people living there is what makes it the hub of everything.

Be it the IT sector, you would find hundreds of companies with top IT professionals in this city. Go anywhere and you would find the top multinational companies and their head offices. The IT sector is also one of the most flourishing sectors in this city. Thousands of IT engineers graduate every year from top colleges and you can find quality here. It isn’t just simple graduates that don’t know anything, but you would find people with both knowledge and skills.

About the Mumbai escorts

Mumbai has always been divided into the new Mumbai and the old Mumbai. The new Mumbai is or the Navi Mumbai is where you would find the riches and stars. You must have already heard that Bollywood stars and many other celebrities living here. It’s absolutely correct because it’s the main place for Bollywood. Be it films or major TV series, you would find that they are made here. It has one of the biggest film cities in this country and you won’t find this enthusiasm about films anywhere. Apart from that, many people migrate for entertainment. As regards personal entertainment, you would also find Mumbai escorts  in places for your own good.

What about migrations?

As mentioned before, the city has always had a vast majority of people from different areas in the country migrating to this city. This isn’t just because of work. Work is always a primary reason but you see, in Mumbai, there are many people who live there and then there are many people who actually stay somewhere beside Mumbai like in places such as Thane and travel to and from this city. This is the primary reason as to why this city is so overpopulated.

What about the old Mumbai?

This is where the heart of Mumbai is. In places like Dharavi, Kurla, Andheri, Chembur, Sion and Matunga, you would find the real people of Mumbai. It isn’t just the language that makes them stand apart from the rest, but also the culture. People aren’t just friendly, if you know the local language or you know even a bit of Marathi, you would be welcomed as a guest. And guests are considered as gods coming to visit them. This is what they believe in. Vada pav, the famous cuisine of Mumbai, you won’t find anything like it anywhere. Be it entertainment such as    or Andheri escorts or food, culture, technology, people, it’s a completely different world to live in.

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