Uses and benefits of CBD Honey

What is so good about milk and chocolate? Or let’s say a pen and a journal set? Both of them are two different products that combine to form a super product. It is not that they can’t be used separately, but when used as complementary to each other they are a winning combination.

Someone(we won’t say who) thought, why not combine CBD and Honey. They probably thought CBD is an excellent natural compound with a lot of health benefits and so is Honey. If we combine them, we can get super honey with a delicious taste that will be rich in cannabinoids to take care of the health and wellness part. And eureka, CBD Honey came into existence.

Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used for tens of thousands of years, even before we learned to speak properly. Cave paintings depict early humans collecting honey from hives. Ancient cultures have used honey for its taste and health benefits and it is used extensively to date.

On the other hand, CBD has been in use for thousands of years. It has been used as a medication against pain relief, decreasing stress and anxiety among other benefits since the time of Ayurveda in South Asia. It has been mentioned in ancient Egyptian and other cultures as well for its healing and comforting abilities.

Cannabis is a plant native to the southern parts of Asia and used to grow in the Himalayan regions and the surrounding areas. With the advent of trade and barter, this plant traveled around the globe and now grows practically everywhere. Cannabis Sativa also called Hemp is the main source of Cannabidiol or CBD, in addition to a hundred more of these cannabinoids like Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), and the most famous one of them, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Each of these cannabinoids has its unique properties and uses. Like THC is more of a recreational substance with psychoactive euphoric effects, CBD is more of a medicinal compound with numerous health and wellness uses.

What is CBD Honey?

It is a combination of CBD and Honey and is made by infusing full-spectrum CBD into honey. Did we say full-spectrum? Well, that means all the extracted natural compounds from Cannabis Sativa. Collectively all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds extracted from hemp including THC (below 0.3% as regulated by the FDA) make the composition for full-spectrum CBD.

Honey is an effective carrier to deliver herbal medications orally into our bodies. It is an easily digestible form of carbohydrate and enters the bloodstream very easily providing instant effects. It carries the CBD to the different parts of the body providing us health benefits.

CBD Honey is delicious, an effective energy booster, and has a soothing effect on our bodily mechanisms. You can just add a teaspoon to your favorite beverage or food and make it tastier and healthier. Even with full-spectrum CBD, it is completely non-psychoactive and a supplement to sugar with no effects on health.

Benefits and uses of CBD Honey?

CBD Honey has numerous benefits to health and the list of its uses is quite endless. Here we will discuss some of its prominent benefits and uses.

1. An alternative to sugar in beverages

CBD Honey is sweet and has no ill effects. It can be used as a natural sweetener in all hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, or health drinks. Honey is known to be a great energizer because of its high carbohydrate content and CBD in addition to it is also beneficial to overall physical and mental health. Also, it is sweeter than sugar granules hence a small amount will suffice.

2. As topping over your favorite salads and other foods

You can add CBD Honey over any salad and make it look great and taste delicious. You can also add a bit of CBD Honey to cooked food to make it taste better and be healthier. However, you must remember that CBD Honey is created over-regulated heat and though it involves storing at room temperatures it is sensitive to excessive heat. This is why you should never involve CBD Honey in the cooking process. At the same time, you are free to use it in any form of already cooked food.

3. As an ointment on minor cuts, burns, and wounds

Both CBD and Honey are very effective antioxidants and help in healing cuts and burns. Additionally, CBD provides relief from inflammation and accompanying pain. Just apply a bit on the area and let it heal the wound or injury. However, it is always advised to visit a medical practitioner for major burns or deep cuts.

4. Relief from seizure-related conditions

Epilepsy and schizophrenia-like conditions have severe seizures. Though CBD is not used in the treatment of these parent diseases it does have a profound effect on seizures and reduces them considerably.

5. Relief from stress and anxiety

CBD Honey is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety which leads to further conditions like insomnia, depression, and loss of weight.

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CBD Honey can be termed as the tastiest CBD product with the maximum benefits. When you choose your product to choose a manufacturer that produces their honey and hemp without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides and has third-party lab certificates of quality.

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