5 Types of Display Boxes: Different Uses and Benefits

Display boxes are containers that can hold and present a certain product. They come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some of the most common types of display gift boxes include countertop display boxes, floor display boxes, Power wing display boxes, endcaps, and table displays.

These five different types have their own unique set of uses and benefits to consider when deciding which one is right for your business! Display boxes are very important to any business. Sales can be improved using display boxes that come in custom packaging. Customized experience added to the display box significantly enhances product value.

Counter Top Display Box

Countertop display boxes are a great choice for smaller businesses looking to show off one product. They can be placed on countertops and tables, and they offer easy access from all sides of the box.

This type is also typically taller than other types, so it’s perfect for products like makeup or perfumes where customers want to see the items before purchasing them! Countertop boxes are best used to present products on the counter of your store. This is a great way for people that walk in and catch their eye, leading them to purchase it.

A Countertop display box is the perfect option for retailers looking to stand out. They can be placed next to or on a counter and are great at attracting customers who would like an impulse buy!

Countertop displays work well with small items such as chocolates, candies, CDs, magazines–but they’re not limited just to these things. For example, expensive cosmetics may use this powerful tool to capture potential buyers while browsing through different perfumed oils-or even jewelry stores that want their high-end pieces front and center will find success using this clever design feature.


Countertop displays make your brand more accessible. In addition, the height gives shoppers an up-close look at what you’re selling which means that this type of display could lead to higher conversion rates!

Increased awareness of the brand

Provides better information of your product

Convenient to display

Perfectly versatile

Floor Display Boxes

Brands with larger inventories often use floor Display Boxes because these containers have plenty of room inside. These boxes typically consist of a counter, shelving, and a floor display box that sits below it.

This type of countertop is great for showing off products you want to sell in bulk, like cereal or chips. These boxes made for an excellent choice when there’s no room on the counter! They can be placed anywhere.

Floor displays are a prevalent type of display box in grocery stores, big-box retailers, and even small boutiques. These boxes are freestanding on the floor and provide more space for products than countertop or aisle shelves do.

They also use layers made from corrugated cardboard to withstand heavier items placed inside them like meat, bread, fresh produce etc. Floor displays make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for while making their way up an aisle instead of stopping at each shelf one by one, which is why these types of packaging will always be beneficial.


Allows more room to showcase your goods

Looks professional by providing an organized design

Large enough space for large inventories of the product on sale

Power Wing Display Boxes

These boxes are best suited when displaying smaller items such as jewelry, perfume bottles, electronics, and other small, low-priced items set out specifically for impulse purchases. Power wing displays have plenty of visibility from all angles, which increases the likelihood of customers noticing what’s inside! Benefits Allow shoppers to browse easily through the contents Provides access without having to ask someone working at the counter displays are visible from all angles.


It’s best for small items such as t-shirts, hats, and other clothing articles. It also works well when showcasing CDs/DVDs or DVDs that can be displayed front-facing to the customer on shelves.

These displays allow customers to browse through different items without asking someone working at the counter, which is beneficial because it will not disrupt their workflow. Benefits Allow shoppers to browse easily. Again, this provides access without having to ask someone working on floor staff.


Endcaps are countertop displays that are on the counter but not in a counter front. They’re typically used when there is no room for countertop displays or to have more than one display of an item at the same time.

Endcaps, similar to countertops, allow shoppers to browse easily and without disrupting staff’s workflow. Benefits Allow shoppers to browse easily.

Endcaps are the best type of display because they can hold a lot more items than floor displays and offer some touch-and-feel components. For example, power wings should be placed on endcaps to get even better results for your business!

Table Displays

A table display might be what you use when creating your own merchandising plan with several pieces of clothing in different sizes placed on tables that can be seen from all angles because they don’t take up any space behind them as counter fronts do. When it comes down to retailing, items such as jewelry countertop displays are very important.

Uses of Display Boxes

These display boxes are used to market a new arrival of the product or promote difficult to promote products like CBD products that cannot be advertised easily. Therefore, display boxes are best to create a promotion or improve CBD products sales.

The benefits of using this display box are that it can be custom-made in any shape, size, or color. They also are very easy to set up and take down quickly, which is essential when running short on time.

Final Words

The benefits of custom CBD display boxes are clear and plentiful. They allow for a seamless, professional presentation that’s designed to meet your needs while also matching the aesthetics of your store or dispensary.

If you need help figuring out what type is best suited for you, they can provide expert advice at no cost! Their team has years of experience in designing packaging solutions that will work perfectly with any retail space. In addition, they offer wholesale pricing for beautiful custom printed packaging. Visit their website to look for more creative designs and get a quote today.

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