Moroccan Rug Black and White Moroccan Atlas carpet

Moroccan rugs are the most important and most representative category of Moroccan rug in the world. Berber carpets, an original piece considered as such art, are handmade in Moroccan textile tradition, according to know-how and weaving technology transferred from generation to generation.

It is a typically Atlas production with exceptional decoration and patterns, specific to each tribe. It can be subdivided as follows:

High Atlas Mountain : moroccan rug – ourika – imlil carpet – asni

Middle Atlas Mountain: Beni Ouarain Tribes – Ait Ighezzrane- Beni Alaham- Ait Halli –Ait youssi – Ait Seghrouchéne- Marmoucha- Ait Youb – Ait Izdeg- Aît Yaâcoub , tribe Zemmour- Zaer- Zain- Bani Mtir- Ait Sgougou- Beni M’guil.

antique berber rug

The manufacture of moroccan rug black and white  requires mastery of the loom and careful processing of raw materials: sheep wool turns into yarn and decorated with natural colors and geometric or abstract patterns.

The raw materials used in this kind of carpet are pure wool or good quality cotton. The yarns are distinguished by their improved spinning and their cleanliness

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