How to troubleshoot the Error 0x000021a in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 users often encounter error 0x000021a and other problems after each update. Every Microsoft Windows 10 update introduces a new error that can be frustrating for users and cause serious damage to the computer.

Most Windows 10 users will encounter Error Code 0xc00000e9. This blue screen error is more common after an operating system update or reinstallation.

Error code 0x000021a says “Your computer encountered a problem and requires a restart.” However, the same error will occur every time you restart your system. We have the answer to the common question of Windows 10 Error 0x000021a.

Causes of Stop Error 0x000021a in Windows 10

Here are some of the reasons why this error code can occur and crash your Windows 10 operating systems:

  • Interference with external devices by the operating system.
  • The Windows registry gets damaged.
  • The Winlogon.exe file corrupted.
  • Csrss.exe file removed.
  • Hardware drivers get corrupted.
  • You have incompatible software.

Steps to troubleshoot Error 0x000021a in Windows 10

This error code will not allow you to enter your computer system. You have a choice if you want to access your computer again, but without installing a new operating system.

It’s easy to permanently fix the error code. The entire process will take approximately 50 minutes. The best part is that your programs and files will remain safe.

  • To reset your computer, press the Shift key on your keyboard to bring up Advanced Boot Options.
  • Go to the Troubleshooting option on your computer screen.
  • Go to the troubleshooting section and then restart this computer.
  • After selecting the Reset this PC option, you can also choose the Keep my files options.
  • Now hit Windows 10 and hit “Reset”

Reset your Computer System:

  • All software and applications that were not included in the original PC installation will be removed.
  • The default settings will be restored.
  • You can reinstall Windows without affecting any of your files.

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