Medical tourism malpractice protection in Pakistan

The medical tourism industry is trending and developing exponentially, especially in developing countries. The main factors responsible for such growth include cheaper costs, international accreditation, and consequent standard practices. Furthermore, sightseeing and tourism are vital to the perks of medical tourism. Moreover, the candidates for medical tourism can opt for a custom medical tourism timeframe for obesity treatment. However, the cheaper costs of bariatric treatment are often attributed to medical tourism malpractice.

Several cases were reported in which the medical tourists had to undergo revision surgery in the home country after the treatment due to malpractice. In addition, infections due to poor hygiene and handling have been shared among medical tourists. To avoid such experiences, the national and international accreditation bodies play a significant role. If the clinic or hospital has the accreditation, it serves with a sense of security and trust. Countries like Pakistan are also putting efforts to help the industry grow. By this, I mean the core law that governs the medical practice in Pakistan.

Abiding by all the quality standards and laws, ALSA Pakistan offers the best bariatric services with the expert knowledge and experience of Dr. Tahir Yunus.

Laws to counter medical tourism malpractice in Pakistan 

Pakistan follows the British system of common law, which is based on case precedents. However, the following are some of the regulatory rules so that you may enjoy the medical tourism timeframe.

  • Pakistan Penal Code 1860
  • 1962 Pakistan medical and dental council ordinance, amendment of Pakistan medical and dental council ordinance in 2015.
  • Fatal accidents act in 1855
  • 1962 Prevention of misuse of allopathic medicine ordinance
  • 1898 code of criminal procedure
  • 1908 code of civil procedure
  • 2008 Pakistan registration of medical and dental practitioner regulation.
  • 2010 Punjab health care commission act
  • 1860 Pakistan penal code

The civil wrongdoing comes under Tort law, including medical negligence, which results in legal liability despite the contract. However, the patient needs to account for at least four factors of tort negligence for medical tourism malpractice or local bad experiences. In this regard, the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act 2010 is the most updated regulation related to malpractice. According to the law, medical malpractice is when a hospital or any employee falsely claims to possess specific equipment or reasonable competence.

At ALSA Pakistan, we offer state-of-the-art equipment with a stringent hygienic environment. Dr. Tahir Yunus maintains a significant record of successful bariatric surgery. Here, we take good care of our patients and medical tourists. We aim to provide them with every facility so that they may enjoy their total medical tourism timeframe for obesity treatment.  

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